Permits & Fees


In accordance with the Province of Alberta mandatory restrictions, some business occupancy loads and capacities have been limited to a percentage of their maximums.

The following document is a Province of Alberta public release from November 2020 that outlines how to calculate occupancy loads and capacities. Please note that the release refers to the percentage rate used at that time; however, the calculation formula remains the same.

Reduced Capacity and Occupant Load Information Bulletin

Additionally, the following National Building Code table is to be used to locate your appropriate m2 factor.

National Building Code 2019 - Table

For example, a maximum 33.3% or 1/3 occupancy load may be calculated by:

  1. Total floor area in m2 to be occupied by clients (excluding washrooms); then
  2. Dividing by the required m2 per person as per the Code table; then
  3. Multiplying by 0.33.3 (being the maximum 33.3% capacity allowed).

The maximum business occupancy is the lessor number between the calculated 33.3% or the number of people the business can accommodate while maintaining effective physical distancing.





The New Home Buyer Protection Act (NHBPA) date has been revised and will come into force effective February 1, 2014, as part of the Government of Alberta’s ongoing commitment to improving consumer protection, recourse options, and builder accountability for new homes built in Alberta.  Municipal Affairs has requested municipalities' assistance in preparing builders for the changes the NHBPA will bring.

In response to a request from municipalities, Municipal Affairs has prepared a handout notifying builders that the Act will soon be coming into force and that appropriate warranty coverage will be required on new homes in order for a building permit to be issued.  Website and contact information have been provided so builders can access more detailed information.

Builders who have questions or want more details can refer to the Municipal Affairs’ website. or contact Municipal Affairs at 1.866.421.6929


For most construction, demolition, and renovation projects a Development and Building permit is required before you commence work. Other permits for electrical, gas, and plumbing may also be necessary. Superior Safety Codes Inc. is an Authorized Accredited Agency providing permits and inspections throughout the Province of Alberta and has been contracted by the Town of Ponoka to provide its residents with inspection services.

If you are:

You need a permit for:

  Development Building Electrical Plumbing Gas
Building a new home or building X X X X X
Building a deck over 2 ft. high X X      
Adding a shed over 160 sq. ft. X X      
Building a garage X X X   X
Developing a basement X X X X X
Adding a secondary suite X X X X X
Building an addition X X X X X
Doing interior renovations   X X X X
Relocating a manufactured home X X X X X
Installing a wood-burning stove   X      
Demolishing a building X X      

 Building permits are not required for the following:

  • Fences
  • Sheds under 107 sq. ft.
  • Decks under 2 ft. in height

How long is the permit good for?

Building Permits are valid for one year, provided it is not abandoned for more than 120 days and work must commence within 90 days of permit issuance.

For more information regarding Development Permits, Building Permits, etc., or if you are unsure what forms you need to fill out, contact the Town’s Planning & Development department.

Development Permit Application Form - Small Residential

Development Permit Application Form - Large Residential

Development Permit Application Form - Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Mixed-Use

Development Permit Application Form - Real Property Report Compliance

Development Permit Application Form - Letter of Compliance

Development Permit Application Form - Condominium Plan Review

Development Permits, Rezoning, SDAB, and Letters of the Compliance fee schedule

Letter of Authorization Form

Letter of Intent Form

Building Permit Application Form

Building Permit Fee Schedule

Electrical Permit Application Form

Residential Electrical Permit Fees

Commercial Electrical Permit Fees

Gas Permit Application Form

Residential Gas Permit Fees

Commercial Gas Permit Fees

Plumbing Permit Application Form

Plumbing Permit Fees

Private Sewage Disposal Permit Application Form

Private Sewage Disposal Permit Fees

What you need to know before you build

Application for Utility Services Connections

Seasonal Patio on Town Property Application Form

Seasonal Patio on Town Property Certificate of Insurance