The Ponoka Civic Building (5604-50 St.) opened to the public last October. It was temporarily named the Ponoka Civic Building with the understanding that a permanent name would be chosen after the building had been open for a while and the tenants had all settled in.

Because it is a public-use building and a community hub that is home to the local Library, Town administrative offices, Council Chambers, and the Ponoka Learning Centre, the building owner (Landrex Inc.) felt it would be appropriate for the local community to help choose a name for the building.

The Building Naming Contest was launched at the Grand Opening of the Ponoka Civic Building on Friday, May 24, 2019. The contest will remain open until July 5, 2019.

To enter the Building Naming Contest and submit a suggested name for the building, please click the link below and fill out the entry form:



  • A judges’ panel will choose what they consider to be the best name for the new building based on the historical and/or geographical significance of the suggested name to the building.

  • The person who enters the winning name will be awarded a $200 Town of Ponoka gift certificate that can be applied toward a Ponoka Aquaplex membership or a Town of Ponoka utility bill credit.

  • The winning name must be appropriate for a professional-use building that is a community hub and is being used as the seat for local government.

  • The winning name must also be a timeless name that remains an appropriate choice regardless of the tenants located in the building at any given time. The winning name must also be acceptable to the building owner who will sit as a member on the judge’s panel.

  • The judges’ panel will consist of up to six people who have an interest in local history and are active supporters of the local community. The Town will approach various community groups to nominate members of the judge’s panel. 
  • The judges’ panel will review all contest submissions and select a winning name for the new building by Fall 2019. 

  • If more than one person submits the same name which is selected as the winning name, those entries will be placed in a hat to draw a winner.

  • Contest entry forms are available on the Town website at and at the Ponoka Town Office (#200, 5604-50 St.).

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The Town of Ponoka wants to hear your input on a proposed Transportation Master Plan and Urban Framework Master Plan that the Town is developing to meet our community’s changing needs as Ponoka grows.

1. To find out more about the proposed Master Plans, please click the link below: 

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       4. Give us your feedback and input on the proposed Master Plans by clicking the link below and filling out the Public Input Questionnaire. Please scroll down after completing each question to find the next question.

If you have any questions about the Transportation Master Plan or the Urban Framework Master Plan, please contact:

Ryan Betker, P.Eng.

Transportation Engineer

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