We Want Your Input on the Proposed Animal Control Bylaw

The proposed new Animal Control Bylaw would require dogs and cats aged six months and older in Ponoka to be licensed annually and regulated under the new bylaw.

Ponoka’s existing Animal Control Bylaw only regulates dogs. The addition of cats is being proposed in response to community concerns expressed over the past number of years.

Other provisions in the new proposed Animal Control Bylaw include:

  • A new definition for ‘aggressive dog’ 
  • New licence fees for cats, dogs and aggressive dogs. These fees are lower for neutered and spayed animals (with documented proof) and for licences purchased before a specified deadline date
  • New requirements for control of cats, dogs and aggressive dogs 
  • New penalties for bylaw offences, and specific penalties that apply only to aggressive dogs 
  • A process for the Town Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to issue an ‘aggressive dog’ designation, which would require the dog owner to comply with aggressive dog regulations under the proposed bylaw 
  • Requirements for proof that a cat or dog is licensed, and proof of a cat or dog’s age 
  • Making it an offence for any person who owns or occupies a property to keep more than five cats and dogs (in total) on that property (unless the property is occupied by a licensed veterinarian or a kennel operator in accordance with a development permit under the Town’s Land Use Bylaw)

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