FAQs About the Ponoka Civic Centre

The Town of Ponoka has signed a lease agreement for up to 28,000 square feet of floor space in a new three-storey civic building that was constructed by a developer, Landrex Inc. The building was constructed on the old hospital site at the north end of Downtown Ponoka on 50 Street.

Demolition of the old hospital building and construction of the new Ponoka Civic Centre began in 2017. Construction of the new building was completed in Fall 2018.

To help keep the public informed of the details around this project, we compiled the following FAQ sheet with answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


The Town's Lease Agreement:

Q1. What is the Town's 28,000 square feet of leased space at the Ponoka Civic Centre being used for?

Q2. Why did the Town decide to lease space in the new civic building rather than construct its own building on Town-owned land?

Q3. Do the Town's lease costs for this project fall within the Town of Ponoka's Debt limit as legislated under the Municipal Government Act (MGA)? 

Q4. What are the Town's costs to lease space in the new building under the 25-year lease agreement it has signed?

Q5. How different is the current lease agreement that was signed by the Town compared to the preliminary lease agreement that was presented to Town Council and reviewed by the Town Auditor back in February 2017?

Q6. Will the Town be required to pay a penalty to exercise the Buy-out Option in the Community Learning Centre Lease Agreement?

Q7. How did the Town determine the lease rate it pays to lease space in the new building?

Q8. Can I see a copy of the Town's lease for the Ponoka Civic Centre?

Q9. Why did the Town have to pass a Borrowing Bylaw before signing the lease agreement for the new building?

Q10. Why are the terms of the lease agreement signed by the Town different from the lease terms outlined in the Borrowing Bylaw (the Community Learning Centre Lease Bylaw) that was advertised to the public in February 2017?


Campus Alberta Central and its role in the project:

Q11. What do we know about Campus Alberta Central (CAC)?

Q12. What kind of post-secondary programs will CAC offer in Ponoka?


The new expanded Ponoka Jubilee Library at the Ponoka Civic Building:

Q13. Why did the Ponoka Jubilee Library need to move from its old building into a bigger space in the new Ponoka Civic Building?

Q14. Has locating the new library at the north end of Downtown Ponoka affected usage among Library users who walk to the Library?

Q15. What will happen to the old Library?


Development plans for the old hospital site:

Q16. What else will be built on the old hospital site in addition to the Ponoka Civic Centre?

Q17. What's happening with the existing trees on the old hospital site?

Q18. How is parking being managed on the old hospital site now that the Ponoka Civic Centre is completed?


Other important questions about the project:

Q19. Who is Landrex?

Q20. What has the Town being doing to keep the public informed about this project?