Road Work, Electrical, Water, Sewer and Traffic Notifications


 Start Date  Location  Activity  Notes



   7 to 17














  Starting on Tuesday, August 7 - weather permitting - the Town's Electrical

  department has hired a contractor to remove tree branches from around

  primary power lines.

  Please allow space for the contractor to complete their work.

  If you have questions, call 403-783-0159, thank you.















   On 40 Ave


   38 & 40 St


   In Alley


   39 & 40 St

   North of

   40 Ave





   *Overhead Electrical Powerline Converted to Underground*

  The Town’s Electrical Utility Services department and a contractor

   will be converting overhead powerlines, Telus lines and Shaw

   cable lines to underground services in the following areas:

  • between 38 and 40 Street on 40 Avenue, and
  • in the alley between 39 & 40 Street north of 40 Avenue

   There will be open excavation in these areas and barricades

   will be in place. Please respect the construction site and any

   traffic control signage in these areas.

   Weather permitting, they will start construction in June and

   it will be completed as quickly as possible.  Residences

   that may be affected have been notified.

   We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and thank you
    for your patience.  For more information, please call 403-783-0159.






   Started in April and will continue throughout the spring, summer and fall.

   Please use caution when approaching the street sweeper; stay back and

   go around only when safe to do so.