Bylaw Enforcement Services

The Town of Ponoka provides Bylaw Enforcement on an as-needed basis to respond to bylaw concerns that may arise in the community. Like many smaller municipalities, the Town follows a complaint-based service model. A Town employee will follow up on Bylaw enforcement service requests when a bylaw complaint or concern is submitted if an email address is provided.

The Municipal Bylaw Officer’s focus is on educating residents about Town Bylaws to promote compliance. The issuing of tickets or fines for Town Bylaw violations is used as a last resort for offenders who don’t comply within a reasonable period of time. 

File an Online Service Request

If you have a bylaw concern or complaint you would like to submit, please file an Online Service Request.

If you need assistance submitting an Online Service Request form, or have any questions, please contact the Town Office at 403-783-4431 and a staff member will help you.

A complete list of the Town of Ponoka Bylaws is available on the Ponoka Civic Web.