Proposed New Dog Park Design

The Town of Ponoka is looking for citizens' input on the conceptual plans for a new dog park.

The proposed location of the new dog park is on the east side of 49 Street on recently acquired land across from the Town of Ponoka Publics Works yard.

The current conceptual plans for the new dog park include a new parking lot and trail extension that would connect with the north trailhead of the Battle River Valley Trail System at the green bridge.

Click here to see the conceptual plans.

We Want to Hear From You

What do you think of the proposed plans for a new dog park as outlined above?

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The Process 

Once public input is gathered on the conceptual plans for a new dog park, the Town will create more detailed designs based on the input received, which will then be presented to the public for feedback later in the year. 

Construction of the new dog park will depend on future consideration and approval of the facility design, location and budget by Town Council. 

The project aligns with Council’s strategic priorities of enhancing the quality of life for Ponoka citizens through improvements to recreational amenities. Planning and design development of a new dog park is also based on recommendations in the Town of Ponoka’s Downtown Action Plan and Recreation Master Plan.