Paving and Concrete Improvement Programs

The Town’s annual Paving and Concrete Improvement Programs identify and prioritize aging roadways, sidewalks, curbs and gutters in Ponoka that require improvement and replacement. The programs are a key part of the Town’s commitment to the ongoing maintenance and continued improvement of municipal roadways and infrastructure. Road paver on Ponoka road

Improvement and replacement is based on the condition and priority of each piece of infrastructure within the Town’s roadway system. The main objective of the programs is to provide users of Town roadways and infrastructure with improved service levels.

The Town is committed to maintaining and replacing key infrastructure each year as determined by our Asset Management Plan. Please click the news releases below to see what paving repairs the Town is working on or has recently completed.


2021 Pavement and Concrete Improvement Programs Are Underway in the Town of Ponoka

Three workers creating a sidewalk