Tax Clerk


In Alberta, residential and most commercial property is assessed using the market value approach.  Market value is defined as the price a property might reasonably sell for after adequate time and exposure to an open market when sold by a willing seller to a willing buyer.

Once the municipal budget has been established, and all requisitions have been received, the Town uses the current assessments divided by dollars needed to determine the mill rates for School, Rimoka Foundation, and Municipal purposes.  This mill rate is then applied to your assessment to determine the amount of taxes you pay for the year.

Tax Searches & Certificates

Requests for Tax Searches & Certificates can be emailed to
Tax Search $ 10.00
Tax Certificate $ 20.00

Tax Assessor

Wildrose Assessment Services Inc.
Riley Kloss

Tax Penalties 

To avoid tax penalties, the due date for the current year's taxes is July 31.  For outstanding balances, after this date, the following penalties will be applied.

  • 3% penalty will be added to current taxes outstanding on August 1.
  • 7% penalty will be added to current taxes outstanding on October 1.
  • 10% penalty will be added on all tax arrears on January 2.

Note: Tax penalties do not apply to the Tax Installment Payment Plan.