Community Peace Officer/Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw enforcement in the Town of Ponoka is provided by a full-time Community Peace Officer (CPO) whose duties include:

  • Listening and responding to bylaw concerns, requests and questions from citizens;
  • Educating citizens on the requirements of Town bylaws and provincial legislation, and providing enforcement where needed;
  • Traffic safety enforcement on Town roads (and provincial highways when called to assist the RCMP or Sheriffs); and
  • Commercial vehicle inspections.

A complete list of the Town of Ponoka Bylaws is available on the Ponoka Civic Web.

Contacting the CPO

To submit a bylaw concern or question to the Community Peace Officer, please click here or phone the Town Office at 403-783-4431 for assistance in submitting your request.

When submitting your bylaw concern or question, please provide:
  • Your email and/or phone number; and
  • Full details about your bylaw concern (what, where, when, etc).
The CPO may contact you with any questions he may have in order to take action on your request.