Tax Searches and Certificates

A tax search includes a legal description of the land, municipal address, current assessed value, year built, property tax amount, local improvement charges, current and previous years levy. land use zone, lot dimensions and current tax account balance. 

A tax certificate shows the amount of property taxes imposed in the year and the amount of tax arrears, if any. It also includes a legal description, municipal address of the property, utility balances and the monthly payment information, if applicable. 

To request tax searches and certificates, please contact or fill in the form below. The prices for tax searches and certificates from the Town of Ponoka are:

  • Tax search $10.00
  • Tax certificate $20.00

Effective July 1, 2024: Tax Searches $15.00 and Tax Certificates $25.00

To request a tax search or tax certificate, please fill in the information below, select which document you are interested in and tell us how you would prefer to pay. Click "Submit" and our Tax Clerk will respond as soon as possible.