Annual Back Alley Pick Up

Raking leavesDuring each spring and fall, Town operations staff collect yard waste from back alleys, including grass clippings, leaves, weeds, and branches (less than five feet) in excess of what will fit into the green cart from citizens.

If you do not have a back alley, please place your yard waste at the front of your property near the curb where it is visible for pick up and clear of the roadway.

Bagged Yard Waste Will Not Be Picked Up

Residents are asked not to bag compostable yard waste that is placed at the curb or back alley for pick-up. Bagged yard waste will not be picked up to avoid contaminating the compost pile at the Town’s Waste Transfer Station. Other items that will not be picked up include: rocks, construction material, wood, household waste and pet excrement. 

Residents Can Bring Excess Yard Waste to Waste Transfer Station

Ponoka residents are also welcome to bring compostable yard waste free of charge to the Town’s Waste Transfer Station

If yard waste is bagged and is brought to the Waste Transfer Station, citizens must open the bags and empty the contents that are inside onto the Town’s organics pile. No bags (even compostable) can be placed on the Town’s organic pile.

Citizens are asked not to use grey carts or green carts to transport yard waste to the Waste Transfer Station. The grey and green carts pose a risk of contamination due to household waste and other organic matter.

The Waste Transfer Station also does not accept kitchen waste for its compost pile as the facility is not set up to compost that type of material. Kitchen waste can only be composted through the curbside green cart program where the waste is transported to an approved composting site.

What Goes in My Green Cart?

A complete list of what can be composted curbside in green carts can be found by clicking here.

Upcoming Back Alley Pick Up Dates

  • Spring 2024: Tuesday, May 21 after the Victoria Day long weekend. Residents are asked to place all materials for pick up in a pile no later than Monday, May 20.