Snow and Ice Control Program

The Town of Ponoka snow and ice control crews complete snow removal and salting/sanding on Town streets, lanes, sidewalks, trails and parking lots in the community.  Snow plows clearing snow on road

Snow removal is completed based on the Town’s Priority Routes Map, which outlines priority 1 roads, priority 2 roads and provincial roads in Town. 

The Snow Removal Zone Map identifies each residential zone. Residential areas will be cleared on a rotational basis when snow removal is required. 

Crews also clear snow from the Downtown Skating Plaza, Centennial Park ice skating trail, walking trails and the Outdoor Rink at the Ponoka Arena Complex so citizens can fully enjoy Ponoka’s many outdoor recreation facilities.

The Town’s Snow and Ice Control Program helps improve safety, facilitate the operation of emergency services and reduce the inconvenience of snow and ice conditions for motorists and pedestrians. Please view the Snow and Ice Control Policy for more details. 

To report an icy intersection, back alley or snow-covered sidewalk that may need attention, please file an Online Service Request or phone the Town Office at (403) 783-4431 where Town staff can help fill out the form for you. 

Snow Removal Priority Map

Citizens can view an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) map that shows the snow removal priority routes. To view the map, please click here.

Sanding truck on Ponoka road