Older Couple Painting WallFor most construction, demolition, and renovation projects a Development and/or Building Permit is required before work begins. Other permits for electrical, gas and plumbing may also be necessary. Please view the table below to see some of the circumstances you may need a permit for.

Depending on the complexity of your proposed development, additional information about engineering and servicing may be required with your Development or Building Permit application submission. To learn more, please visit the Engineering and Infrastructure page.

To view the list of Development Permit forms and Safety Codes Permit forms, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click the links. 

If you are:You may need a permit for:

Building a new home or buildingXXXXX
Building a deck 2 feet high or higherXX

Adding a shed 107 squared feet in floor area or greater

Adding a shed over 160 squared feetXX

Building a detached garageXXX
Developing a basement
Adding a secondary suiteXXXXX
Building an additionXXXXX
Doing exterior structural renovationsXX

Doing interior renovations
Relocating a manufactured homeXXXXX
Installing a wood burning stove

Demolishing a buildingXX

Building Permits

Contractor Building RoofBuilding Permits (issued as Occupancy Permits) are required for:

  • New commercial, industrial and institutional projects regardless of construction.
  • Additions to commercial, industrial and institutional projects.
  • Alterations to commercial, industrial and institutional projects.
  • Change of use or occupancy to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Please note: Every Building Permit automatically expires if the work authorized by the permit is not commenced within 90 days, or is suspended, or abandoned for a period of 120 days at any time after the work is commenced. 

Building Permits are not required for:

  • Fences
  • Sheds under 107 sq. ft. in floor area
  • Decks under 2 ft. in height

Please contact the Town at (403) 783-0119 or for more information on what permits may be required for your development.

Please note: The information on the Town website is for information purposes only. Where there is a discrepancy between this website and any Provincial or Federal requirements (i.e. Safety Codes, Industry Canada), the Provincial or Federal requirements shall prevail.