Distributed Generation Connection Services

As technology continues to develop, more options exist for residents and commercial property owners to supply all or a portion of their electrical requirements with their own equipment. Distributed generation simply refers to smaller sources of electricity supply that are distributed at various locations rather than one large supply source at a single location.

If you are considering installing an electric generator at your residence or business site, the Town of Ponoka Distribution System can help you complete the process in a timely and safe manner. As your local electric distributor, the Town of Ponoka plays a key role in the connection of small generation to the provincial electric grid.

Distributed Generators

Distributed generators come in many different types, sizes and configurations. The type of generator is generally defined by whether the fuel source is renewable (solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydro) or an alternative energy type like a natural gas or hydrogen based fuel cell with low greenhouse gas intensity.

Although the characteristics are different for each generator type, the Town has processes in place to connect all types of generators and evaluate any effects on the distribution system.

The Government of Alberta has streamlined processes for distributors to connect small renewable generation sources (micro-generators) in support of climate change initiatives. 

Ponoka’s Connection Process

The general steps in the Town’s connection process from application to energization are as follows:

  1. Complete and submit the Town of Ponoka Distributed Generation Application form with all supporting documentation by email to applications@ponoka.ca.
  2. Potential discussions with the applicant to establish the technical connection requirements.
  3. Confirm the completeness of the application information and application approval in compliance with the Micro-Generation Regulation, if applicable.
  4. The Town will determine and discuss any connection costs with the applicant.
  5. Applicant applies for building, electrical and development permits as required by the Town.
  6. Applicant compensates Town for non-standard costs and signs the Town of Ponoka Generation Interconnection Agreement.
  7. Applicant notifies their retailer of pending generation connection.
  8. Town conducts inspections for approval of required permits.
  9. Town installs metering equipment and completes connection.

Additional Resources

Alberta Government Micro-Generation Regulation AR27/2008
Alberta Utilities Commission Micro-Generation Application Guideline
Alberta Utilities Commission Distributed Generation Application Guideline