Trees and Power Lines

Utility Tree TrimmingTrees are an important part of beautifying our community and they provide many benefits to residential neighbourhoods and commercial areas. 

To keep our community safe, the Town of Ponoka assesses and trims tree branches encroaching on power lines on an annual basis or as needed at other times of the year.

Tree Trimming and Power Lines

Overgrown trees can create electrical hazards and damage to power lines. Tree trimming is done for various reasons, such as regulation requirements for public safety reasons and to ensure the reliability of electrical services in our community.

Who is Responsible?

The Town of Ponoka is responsible for trees that: 

  • Interfere with high voltage power lines; and
  • Are located on public land along boulevards, back alleys and Town-owned properties, parks and greenspaces. 

Homeowner Responsibility

All trees that interfere with low voltage power lines on your private property are the responsibility of the homeowner, including vegetation that grows over the property line.

The Town of Ponoka recommends that homeowners hire a professionally certified arborist who is trained to safely maintain trees and other vegetation on your property. For a list of arborists who are certified, please visit the International Society of Arboriculture, Prairie Chapter.

Please Plan Before You Plant

Trees should always be planted away from power lines. Always consider what type of tree you are planting and where you are planting it to reduce electrical safety hazards.

Remember the following tips when planting trees:

  • Picture the tree at its full height and width - will the tree pose a problem in the future when fully grown?
  • Avoid planting trees near power lines.
  • Click Before You Dig or contact Alberta One Call at 1-800-242-3447 to determine the vicinity of power lines before you dig.
  • Avoid planting trees where the root growth may interfere with the power supply.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information on utility tree trimming in the Town of Ponoka.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact the Town of Ponoka’s Electrical Services Department by submitting an Online Service Request or you can phone the Town Office at 403-783-4431 where staff can help fill out the form for you.

Please note there is no cost to the property owner when the Town of Ponoka trims trees that are interfering with high-voltage power lines.

The Town of Ponoka follows an annual Utility Tree Trimming Program, where crews identify areas that need attention. 

Work is often done in the fall or on an as-needed basis at other times of the year.

Please stay tuned here on the website and follow @TownofPonoka on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for communication in regards to utility tree trimming.

High-voltage power lines are generally found in back alleys throughout the community and in front of residential properties along 46 Street, 49 Street, 51 Street, 54 Street, 39 Avenue, 57 Avenue and 63 Street.

If you have a question about identifying a high-voltage power line on or near your property, please contact the Town of Ponoka Electrical Services Department by submitting an Online Service Request or you can phone the Town Office at 403-783-4431 where staff can help fill out the form for you.

Call 403-783-4431 or the Town of Ponoka’s after-hours number 403-783-0143 to report a power outage or an electrical issue. 

Please provide your location, name and contact number as this will help Town of Ponoka Electrical Services identify the issue and restore power as quickly as possible.