Crews micro-surfacing a roadwayMicro-surfacing is the application of a special coating to the top layer of asphalt on a roadway. The coating preserves the underlying pavement by preventing oxidization and moisture penetration.

This thin, durable surface treatment is a cost-effective method of prolonging the life of the road by slowing down ongoing deterioration.

This process allows the Town of Ponoka to keep roadways in good condition and maximize the pavement lifecycle. 

By extending the life of a roadway with micro-surfacing, funding can be reallocated to roads that are in higher need of repaving. 

All the roads in the Town of Ponoka are monitored regularly as part of the Town's asset management program. 

This program assesses roadways annually for vehicle traffic, volumes and the condition of the pavement to prioritize the greatest needs each year.

Micro-surfacing is applied to the existing pavement by a specialized machine that mixes asphalt emulsion and spreads the special coating onto the roadway surface. 

Even though the roadway may visually appear similar to the pavement surface that motorists are familiar with, it is not new asphalt pavement once completed. 

Micro-surfacing does not use rollers like paving, so the surface retains a rough texture. This is normal for this treatment as when vehicles drive over the surface, the roadway smooths out.  


  • Seals surface cracks and can reduce the penetration of water into the pavement. This helps slow down the development of surface distress, such as potholes;
  • Slows down the impacts of weathering of the aging asphalt surface, as oxidation can lead to the development of surface distress, such as potholes;
  • Helps to increase the friction of the pavement surface, which improves skid resistance for motorists; and
  • Is installed faster than traditional hot-mix paving. This minimizes the traffic impacts and the roadway can be re-opened to traffic within a few hours of the treatment.
  • 51 Street (between Highway 2A and 53 Avenue);
  • 57 Avenue (between 50 and 54 Street); and
  • 50 Street (between 53 and 56 Avenue).