Town Policies

Policies provide overarching standards for decision-making and operations within local government. They help an organization operate consistently. Policies are approved by Council.

This is a list of the most commonly requested policies. If there is a policy that you would like to see but is not here, or for general information on policies, please contact us or search the database here.

The Asset Management Policy specifies principles for a consistent and coordinated approach for the management of Town assets. 

The Audio Recording of Council Meetings Policy defines the purpose for audio recordings of Council meetings and Public Hearings, as well as establish procedures for creation, storage, usage, access and disposal in accordance with legislative and policy requirements. 

The Board and Committee Membership Policy establishes a consistent process for appointing members from the public to Council Committees and Boards to ensure the most suitable and qualified candidate is recruited and selected. 

The Bylaw Investigations and Enforcement Policy outlines the program to achieve compliance with municipal bylaws. 

The Council, Board and Committee Remuneration policy establishes a process for remuneration and reimbursement for travel and expenses for the Elected Officials of the Town and members of the public-at-large who are appointed by Council to conduct Town business. 

The Flag Display Policy sets out the procedures for display and lowering of flags on Town of Ponoka buildings and structures. 

The Land Disposition Policy sets out the conditions under which the Town may market, sell and dispose of land owned by the Town. 

The Major Home Renovation Incentive Policy sets out guidelines to implement the major home renovation incentive. 

The Manufactured Home Community Tax Policy sets out the guidelines regarding property taxes for Manufactured Homes in a Manufactured Home Community. 

The New Business Grant Policy sets out guidelines to implement the grant. 

The New Resident Incentive Policy sets out guidelines to implement the new resident incentive. 

The Proclamations / Letters of Support / Recognition Policy provides the process and criteria regarding proclamations, issuing letters on behalf of the Town of Ponoka and recognizing citizens and events. 

The Public Participation Policy creates opportunities for meaningful public engagement in decisions that directly impact members of the community. 

The Public Utility Lot Lease Policy sets out the terms and conditions under which the Town may lease a public utility lot to another party.

The Recreation Policy sets out guidelines and standards for rentals and bookings, cancellations and refunds. 

The Residential New Build Incentive Policy sets out guidelines for implementing the residential new build incentive. 

The Sidewalk Inspection and Maintenance Policy provides the process for the inspection and maintenance of sidewalks within the jurisdiction of the Town of Ponoka. 

The Snow Clearing and Ice Control Policy outlines the processes the Town will undertake snow removal and ice control operations on Town streets, lanes, sidewalks and parking lots. 

The Town Agricultural Lease Policy outlines the process for leasing Town owned agricultural land. 

The Town Council Boards and Committees Code of Conduct requires that persons appointed by Ponoka Town Council to its boards and committees to be independent, impartial and duly responsible through Council to the people of Ponoka. 

The Travel and Subsistence Policy provides for reimbursement for elected officials and staff attending meetings, conventions, seminars or conferences on behalf of the Town.