Citizen Satisfaction Survey

A person on the phoneThe Town of Ponoka conducted a Citizen Satisfaction Survey in 2022. This survey is an important part of the public consultation process on the Town budget because it is a statistically valid survey that represents the views of Town of Ponoka citizens.

To conduct the survey, a randomly selected sample of Ponoka citizens were contacted by telephone to determine their views on topics, such as:

  • Quality of life in the community; 
  • Satisfaction levels with municipal services; and 
  • Priorities that citizens would like Council to consider as it prepares to deliberate the budget for the upcoming year.

The survey was conducted by a professional research firm using a careful survey design process and methodology to achieve reliable survey results.

The survey results provide Town Council with a summary of citizens’ views on key topics to help inform Town decision-making and strategic planning.

Click here to read the 2022 Citizen Satisfaction Survey results.