Citizen Satisfaction Survey 2019 Results

Key results from Citizen Satisfaction Survey

As part of its annual public consultation and planning process for the 2020 Town Budget, the Town of Ponoka gathered public input through a statistically representative Citizen Satisfaction Survey in September 2019.

In order for the survey to be statistically valid and represent the views of the community as a whole, it must randomly invite citizens to complete the survey.

For the 2019 survey, Ponoka citizens were randomly selected to participate. Citizen input gathered through the statistically valid survey was summarized and presented to Town Council for careful review and consideration as Council prepared to deliberate the annual Town Budget.

 The Citizen Satisfaction Survey is an important document that Council and Administration use to align decision making with citizens’ interests. 

Four hundred Ponoka residents, aged 18 and older, participated in the survey. Key results from the report are included in the photo to the right. Please click the photo to view it as a full-page document.

Please click here to view the Town's 79 page. 2019 Citizen Satisfaction Survey Cover Page