Electrical Services

The Town owns and operates the electrical distribution system in Ponoka and offers customers a supply option that can be compared to offerings from independent retail suppliers. 

Report an Outage

Power Outage and Other Electrical Troubles (Town Office)
Monday to Friday
9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(403) 783-4431
After Hours
Evenings, weekends and holidays
(403) 783-0143

Please contact your retail supplier for: 

  • Questions or information about your bill
  • To request new service to be energized
  • Re-connections after a service is disconnected
  • To request temporary or permanent service disconnection
  • For customer account questions

Electrical Distribution Tariff Terms and Conditions

Ponoka Town Council approves electrical distribution rates for homes in the Town boundaries. Distribution rates include the cost of moving electric energy from transformers through local, lower-voltage lines that carry electricity to every customer’s meter in the Town of Ponoka.

Please view Bylaw No. 486-23 – Electrical Distribution Tariff for full details about distribution costs in the Town of Ponoka.