Tax Recovery

The Town of Ponoka may hold a public action of properties that have a tax recovery notification registered on the certificate of title or tax recovery lien on a manufactured home as a result of unpaid property taxes. This is done in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, division 8 and division 8.1.

What is a Tax Recovery Notification?

A tax recovery notification or lien is registered on any property or manufactured home with an outstanding tax balance of more than one year. If the outstanding balance on the property is not paid within one year from the date that the tax notification or lien is registered, the property must be offered for sale at public auction. 

Tax recovery notifications and liens are registered in accordance with the Municipal Government Act.

To learn more about the tax recovery process, please visit the Guide to Tax Recovery in Alberta.

Tax Recovery Arrears Lists

Public Auction List

All properties will be auctioned at fair market value, as determined by an independent appraisal of each property. Please view the Public Auction List Terms and Conditions before the tax sale auction.

For questions regarding the tax sale, please contact the Tax Clerk at (403) 783-0127 or email