Forest Home Cemetery

Forest Home CemeteryLocation: Highway 53, 5110 67 Street (on the west side of Ponoka).

The Town of Ponoka owns and maintains the Forest Home Cemetery. The Town Office provides the following services:

  • Plot purchasing – Whether you are pre-planning for a burial plot or have experienced a recent loss, the Town can help guide you through the decision-making process for choosing a final resting place.
  • Location services – The Town can provide the location of gravesites to families, funeral homes, genealogical researchers and memorialization professionals.
  • Monument information – The Town can provide information about the size, height and placement requirements for monuments in the cemetery. A Monument Permit form is necessary before your monument company places the monument. Please note: most monument companies will complete the Monument Permit form on your behalf. Please speak to your monument company for more information
  • Private burials – If you choose not to go through a funeral home for the burial of your loved one, the Town can help you navigate the necessary forms for a private burial at the cemetery. Please note: if you are organizing a private burial, please submit a completed Burial Order form and a copy of the burial permit prior to interment.

For a complete list of rates and charges at the Forest Home Cemetery, please click here.

Contact Information
Cemetery Office
Monday to Friday
9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(403) 783-0125

Funeral HomesColumbarium

The Ponoka Funeral Home manages the columbarium at the Forest Home Cemetery. 

Please contact a funeral home for questions about arranging a funeral, memorial and/or burial service.

Cemetery Bylaw and Policy

For more information about the Forest Home Cemetery, please visit the Cemetery Bylaw.