About Your Electric Meter

Keeping your electric meter accessible helps ensure public safety, accurate monthly reading for billing and meter compliance and testing.

Why Do Meters Need to be Accessible?

The Town of Ponoka may need to access your meter for:

  • Public safety – Access to your meter may be required to disconnect the power if there is a fire or other emergency. 
  • Meter reading – Accessing your meter helps ensure billing is as accurate as possible.
  • Removal and replacement – Meters are regulated by Measurement Canada and must be removed for testing to ensure they are measuring electricity use accurately. 

Meter Accuracy

Electric meters must pass extensive testing to ensure they are measuring electricity use accurately. Measurement Canada monitors the accuracy of meters through a variety of inspections and compliance improvement strategies. 

If you feel that your energy bill isn’t an accurate reflection of the amount of electricity you’ve consumed, please visit Measurement Canada’s website to learn about what steps you can take. 

Information about your meter can be found in Bylaw No. 486-23 – Electrical Distribution Tariff.