Monthly Property Tax Payment Plan

Couple calculating property taxesThe Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP), also known as the Monthly Property Tax Payment Plan, is a payment program that automatically withdraws your monthly payment from your bank account on the first business day of each month from January to December.

The Tax Instalment Payment Plan is an automatic payment program which has the following benefits:

  • No additional fees or interest charged for paying monthly.
  • You only need to sign up once. After that, you will only need to notify the Town if you change your banking information, sell your property or want to be withdrawn from the program.

If you’ve sold your property, email to inform the Tax Clerk. Please include your property address or roll number so they can remove you from the program. 

For more information about the Tax Instalment Payment Plan, please see Bylaw No. 449-21 Tax Instalment Payment Plan Bylaw.

Sign Up Today!

To sign up for the Tax Installment Payment Plan, contact the Tax Clerk directly, stop by the Town Office or fill out the Tax Instalment Payment Plan Form and email it to the Tax Clerk at, along with your banking information (in the form of a void cheque or bank letter).

To update your banking information, please email a void cheque or bank withdrawal letter as well as the roll number or property address you’re interested in updating to

For any questions about the Tax Instalment Payment Plan, please contact the Tax Clerk by email at or phone (403) 783-0127.