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Fire Advisory Now in Effect for the Town of Ponoka

Fire Advisory in EffectDue to the recent rainy weather, Ponoka County Regional Fire Services has lifted the ‘Fire Ban’ and has issued a ‘Fire Advisory’ for the Town of Ponoka effective today, May 24. 

Citizens are encouraged to continue to use extreme caution and be fire smart, as use of the following is now permitted under the Fire Advisory:

  • Bylaw compliant fire pits (with the screen in place);
  • Portable propane fire pits and appliances; and
  • Barbecues and smokers using charcoal and pellets.

Please note that fireworks are still prohibited and residents are encouraged to refrain from non-essential burning on their property.

Fire Pit Safety

When using bylaw compliant fire pits, citizens are urged to never leave a fire pit unattended while in use. An ‘under control’ fire can change in a matter of seconds. 

Be aware of the weather conditions at all times and be sure to completely extinguish the flames and hot embers after you are done using your fire pit. 

All fire pits within the Town of Ponoka are required to:

  • Be at least three metres from buildings, property lines, or anything else that could catch fire;
  • Be equal to or less than 0.6 metres (two feet) high;
  • Be equal to or less than one metre (three feet) wide;
  • Have fully enclosed sides made of bricks, concrete blocks, heavy-gauge metal or other non-combustible materials; 
  • Have a non-combustible mesh screen that covers the top of the fire pit with openings no larger than 1.25 cm (.5 inches) to stop sparks from flying out; and
  • Have a water hose, fire extinguisher or some other acceptable means of controlling or extinguishing the fire nearby.

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