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Reduced Speed Limits and Temporary Four-Way Stop Planned during Ponoka Stampede

The Town of Ponoka, in cooperation with Alberta Transportation, will once again be implementing its annual traffic control plan to help ensure pedestrian and vehicle safety during the 2024 Ponoka Stampede. 

The following traffic control measures will be in effect from Friday, June 21 to Tuesday, July 2, effective 24 hours daily:

1.    A reduced traffic speed limit of 30 km/hr along Highway 53 – Beginning east of Highway 2A and ending at 46 Street. 

2.    A reduced traffic speed limit of 50 km/hr along Highway 2A – Beginning south of 36 Avenue to the intersection of Highways 2A and 53.

3.    A temporary four-way stop at Highway 53 and 50 Street – Advanced signage will notify motorists east and west of the four-way stop at the intersection of 50 Street and Highway 53. The access road to the Stampede grounds will be temporarily open to traffic at that intersection, making it a four-way stop.

4.    Access to Highway 53 will be closed to traffic at 54 Street – 54 Street will remain open to local traffic and users of the Ponoka Arena Complex; however, access to Highway 53 will be blocked to traffic at the south end of 54 Street. 

5.    RCMP will monitor and help direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic as needed – RCMP personnel will help direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic at pedestrian crossings on Highway 53 during peak traffic volume periods as needed to ensure public safety. Pedestrian crossings along Highway 53 will be clearly marked with signage.

“With high volumes of traffic expected during the Ponoka Stampede once again this summer, the Town is committed to helping ensure the safety of our residents and visitors with these temporary traffic control measures,” said Ponoka Mayor Kevin Ferguson.

Ponoka residents are encouraged to consider alternate routes to avoid heavy traffic flows during Stampede week. 

Please be mindful of temporary traffic controls and signage along Highway 53, Highway 2A and 50 Street, and watch for pedestrians during Stampede week. 

If you have questions about the planned traffic accommodations, please call the Town Office at 403-783-4431.