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Snow and Ice Control Update - December 5, 2022

Town of Ponoka snow and ice control crews are sanding and salting roadways throughout the community today (December 5), as well as sanding, salting and clearing snow where needed from sidewalks adjacent to Town-owned properties and on walking trails and park furniture (benches, picnic tables, etc.) in Town parks and throughout the trail system.

Crews are also conducting snow removal on residential roadways in Zone 1 – Lucas Heights today.

Please Watch for ‘No Parking’ Signs and Move Parked Vehicles 

Please watch for ‘no parking’ signs and move parked vehicles from roadways on which ‘no parking’ signage is posted. Moving parked vehicles from roadways allows crews to conduct snow and ice control operations safely and more efficiently.

Removing your parked vehicle from roadways on which ‘no parking’ signage is posted in advance of snow and ice control operations is also a requirement under the Town’s Traffic Bylaw 388-17 and may result in fines and towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense if needed.

Motorists are asked to please take an alternate route to avoid snow and ice control equipment where possible.

How to Report a Roadway or Sidewalk that May Need Attention

To report an icy or snow-covered intersection, back alley, or sidewalk that may need attention, please submit an online request by visiting Scroll down and click on ‘File an Online Service Request,’ or you can phone the Town Office at 403-783-4431 where Town staff can help fill out the online form for you.

Please note that Town winter operations crews work in conjunction with the Alberta Ministry of Transportation, which is responsible for snow and ice control on Highways 2A and 53 in Ponoka.

Please Clear Snow and Ice from Sidewalks Bordering Your Property

Ponoka citizens are reminded to please help keep our community safe by ensuring sidewalks that border your property are clear of snow and ice. 

By keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice, you are helping protect the safety and well-being of your neighbours and fellow citizens in Ponoka. 

Clearing sidewalks that border your property within 48 hours after the snow or ice has been deposited is a requirement under the Town of Ponoka Community Standards Bylaw #384-17 and can result in fines when necessary. 

When shovelling, residents are asked to please only deposit snow and ice onto your own property – not the roadway or someone else’s property. This is also a requirement under the Bylaw. Shovelling snow onto your own property is also good for your grass when the snow melts in the spring. 

Snow Removal and Ice Control Policy

Town of Ponoka Snow and Ice Control operations are based on the Town’s Snow and Ice Control Policy which can be viewed on the Town website at

To see the Town’s Priority Routes Map, please visit